“Work is love made visible”

- Kahlil Gibran


Two things about Jennifer: her design style and her helpful demeanor. I gave Jennifer a bad looking ad design for our church to print in the newspaper. I'm not a graphics guy. My design was horrible. I just didn't realize how bad it was until she graciously told me that she was going to design an alternative ad for me.

Within hours, Jennifer had sent me a brand new ad that was attractive and fun. I liked it so much that I decided to use the design on 6,000 flyers I printed out.

Throughout the process, Jennifer was patient and helpful, explaining design terms I didn't understand and letting me ad suggestions to her design. I'd recommend Jennifer. I love what she did.

John Houmes Church Planter New City Fellowship -Hollywood/Hallandale

Jennifer is the person who makes things happen. Period!

If you need something done, and Jennifer accepts taking it on, that something will materialize in a short period of time.

She is an extraordinary human being with the highest level of integrity. It is a pleasure just to have a simple conversation with her. Amazing ideas come out from those conversations.

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